Word of mouth
at scale

We develop softwares to identify, engage and activate brand advocates in a business efficient way


The oldest and most efficient marketing lever

Future belongs to brands who will embrace advocacy marketing, empower and leverage on their brand lovers as technologies spread people words at a high-speed velocity

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Teeps has developed in-house technologies to help brands grow
their business through efficient social & advocacy strategies.

Tribes - Social

Data & Insights
  • Amplify your brand territory
  • Maximize your reach
  • Identify your tribes

Tribes - Ads

Engaged Customers
  • Clustered Approach
  • Engage your tribes
  • Recruit higher LTV Customers


Brand Advocates
  • Engage & Activate thanks to gamification
  • Empower and give a voice to your brand lovers
  • Leverage your advocates actions

Why it should be at the heart of brands
Marketing Strategy ?


92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know


Word-of-mouth is the leading factor behind 20-50% of all purchases decisions


Advocates spend 2x more than average customers on favourite brands. Word of mouth is 2X more efficient than paid advertising

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