Human recommendations: Your new sales
and marketing channel

Here at Teeps, we want to put real people back at the heart of your sales strategy, making them your new sales force! Dare to hand over control. We have made to measure solutions to accompany you in this approach. Consider us your marketing tailors.

Acquisition & Creating Loyalty

All our solutions assure you maximum business efficiency with a dual aim of acquiring customers and creating loyalty.

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Thanks to our tools and knowhow, your Ambassadors will pave the way for authentic communication.

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Teeps Expertises For the progressive creation of assets, future business levers


This is our greatest passion! By pre-empting areas of communication around specific fields, we know how to create communities where people are engaged by the subject and issues that interest you, as well as spaces for positive conversations which will generate effective data. We know how to turn these communities into effective business levers. We identify and recruit the best Ambassadors for you but also for your future customers … who, in turn, will become Ambassadors!


Like the best New-York hot dog, our solution has everything!! We give Ambassadors the platforms they need to support your strategy whether it be for Acquisition, Creating Loyalty or Communication. They will recommend and sell your products and services to your prospective customers and their friends and family. They will also produce positive social content about their experience with your brand.  


Sales is in Teeps’ DNA. And we know how to transfer this knowhow to our Ambassadors thanks to our dedicated, fun, and gamified back office, but also by guiding, training and incentivising them. This allows them to be more proactive in all their sales and communications tasks. And monitoring the business that they generate for you.

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