Creating an efficient Ambassadors programme and generating business thanks to our gamified technologies and expertise.

Personal Shopping

A conversational recommendation technology that we’re developing as a white label for your site so that your Ambassadors are advising your Customers and generating sales. The Customer is put in contact with the Ambassador that’s most suited to their needs thanks to our matching algorithm. The Ambassador chats with the Customer to find out more about what they want and present a personalised selection of products/ services. The Ambassador is rewarded once the Customer completes a purchase.

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Q&A Module - SEO

We’re not talking about an old-fashioned forum that was made by a high school student and hasn’t been used since 3rd September 2008. Our Q&A tool between Ambassadors and Customers allows you to generate large quantities of content around your key SEO requests. You can also create a link with your communities and establish your expertise in your field.

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