Choose the best voice for your brand!

Who is best placed to talk about your product? The intern at your super trendy communication agency? Or your Ambassadors?

Ambassador Content Platform - UGC

A gamified* platform to transform your best clients into Ambassadors. Because nobody is better placed to talk about your products than those that consume them. On our platform, they create authentic content about their experiences with your brand and share it on their social media platforms with maximum reach and engagement. Authenticity and closeness with a brand is a simple way of encouraging new customers to share positive experiences. Without forgetting about the loyalty of your Ambassadors thanks to our fun, gamified platform… *Gamification is about creating fun missions between Customers and Ambassadors. They use interfaces and platforms which appear like games to motivate and make your Ambassadors proactive in the production of content. Gamification brings out the child in everybody.

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Creating engaged communities

For years we have tested, restarted and learned every day to help you to pre-empt communication territories on social media with maximum reach and engagement. We will also guide you in the recruitment and animation of Ambassadors in order for you to naturally generate business. Concerned by all digital and communications subjects and new trends, our team is ahead of the game. Some say that Organic is dead … not us! And we prove it to you day after day!

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