The Advocacy Company

We’ve proclaimed ourselves as The Advocacy Company because the literal translation of Advocacy is ‘recommendation’*. But, for us, Advocacy is more than just a simple recommendation.
*And yeah! We really do speak English! More than a third of our customers are outside France.

Advocacy has always been at the heart of the trading relationship, at least since the trading relationship has existed.

In 1392, Hildegarde would have advised Cunégonde* to go to Théodebert, 3rd stall on the left on Butchers Street, because the meat wasn’t as gamey. Today, everyone has advice for you. Sundays spent with the family, date nights, group chats on WhatsApp or Messenger, on the bus, by email … all the time. Everyone has an opinion that matters. And that has value.

*Do you want their number to check?

The value for your Brand

You care for your brand. It’s a bit like your baby*. You watch it grow up, you raise it, you change it, and you see it evolve. Except that it lacks humanity. That’s normal. It’s a brand, not a real baby. Your customers shape it. By working with Teeps, you’re humanising your Brand and reflecting your customers within it.

*except that you don’t have to change its nappies!

The value for your Customers

“Good advice is beyond all price” as the old proverb goes. Absolutely. But that has an insane added value. With good advice your customers will come, use, stay and, in turn, give advice themselves. Thanks to Advocacy, you begin an honest circle of value creation.

The value for your Ambassadors

Everyone likes to share their experiences. Trust in your Ambassadors and make sure that they know it. They are your most loyal customers, or are simply passionate about your brand, products and services. Value them by valuing their feedback. Retain them by rewarding them.

Your made to measure Ambassador program

You’ve got to understand that we are absolutely convinced that Advocacy is your new channel for sales and marketing. And that your Ambassadors are also paving the way for future growth for your brand. Whatever your issue, we have a solution for you.

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